A little about me.


27. Writer/Photographer. Australian in America. Jedi Knight and friend of Captain Solo.

My name is Joel and I live to make things; with my hands, my eyes, and my words. I am originally from Perth, Australia and moved to the United States in mid 2017. I’m passionate about living a creative life and channeling that enthusiasm into a myriad of literary and photographic projects. I have been writing professionally for my entire adult life and recently published two collections of poetry; Abroad and Little Bird. For the past two years I have been building my skills as a professional photographer and I am now a co-owner of Petley Photography. I’m planning on spending this year trying new ways of doing things, and exploring through art the theme of relationships and how people interact with one another.

Note: I am not currently taking on freelance writing work, but I am available for photos. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested.